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Church of Pompei
This tiny country church, south of Alimena stands along the road dedicated to S. Maria del Buon Cammino. Its position suggests that it was build to protect the inhabitants of the village. After years of deterioration the roof collapsed in 1980 just before a mass was supposed to take place. The devoted, witnessing such miracle brought the altar outdoors and the religious function was there celebrated. Soon afterthe incident a committee of local people collected about 12.000.000 of the old Lira and reconstruction works soon began. The new building is slightly bigger and two bells were installed. Inside stands the ancient painting of the Madonna del Rosario di Pompei with its old frame with Greek decorations. On the walls 14 bronze icons represent the Via Crucis. It was inaugurated in 1981 and it is now centre of pilgrimage every year on the 8th of May. - Tutti i diritti riservati © 2021 - Web Designed by Enzo Albanese